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ISBN 9781906261412 448 с. на английском языке Мягкая обложка Вес: 436 г. Discover the island of myths that inspired philosophers and poets alike on their travels in the ancient world: an island that mothered the comic devil masks of the Uballu di Diavula festival in Prizzi, and a host of modern day legends like marsala wine. See the forge of the giants of Hephaestus, the god of fire, as the ancient Greeks believed inhabited the fiery belly of Mount Etna. Find shelter from the afternoon heat in the maze of columns and pillars of the ancient Valle dei Templii in Agrigento. Catch the scent of the sea on the breeze by the sparkling saltpans and traditional tuna fisheries by the southerly road from the captivating Isole Egadi. Explore the rich passages of the Palazzo de Normanni, home to the mythical frescoes of Velasquez. The Michelin Green Guide is the authority on the French Alps today and the forces of nature and society that have shaped them. Michelin’s local writers have walked, skied, driven, visited, slept, shopped and eaten through every tour, piste, sight, hotel, restaurant, boutique, café and venue in this guide. Where they have stepped, you won’t put a foot wrong. The Green Guide French Alps is meticulously updated and beautifully illustrated with full-color photographs, scores of Michelin maps, and insider coverage of skiing areas, all-important après ski, shopping, nightlife, accommodations and restaurants. Features From Agrigento to the Villa Imperiale del Casale, the guide introduces you to the very best that Sicily has to offer, with every villa and island objectively assessed using Michelin’s celebrated star-rating system. 72 easy-to-use Michelin maps guide you around town, highlight tour routes and identify the very best sights by star rating. Detailed driving and walking tours make you your own tour guide on the road less traveled. The in-depth and authoritative nature section explore the mountains, valleys, beaches, cliffs and volcanoes that are home to myrtle, strawberry trees, and lentisks. The history of Sicily explores pre-Hellenistic Sicily, the ancient Greeks, Arabic Sicily, the influence of the Normans, the Swabians and Angevins, the Aragonese and beyond. Features delve into the nature of modern Sicily and its festivals and tradition. Three thousand years of tumultuous history have endowed Sicily with its complex character, best expressed in the island’s fascinating art and the hospitality and vibrancy of the island’s people.  Features on art and culture look back to the times of the Grand Tour during the reign of Elizabeth 1 of England, and the Roman, Byzantine, Arabo-Norman, Gothic and Baroque art that has drawn visitors from across Europe ever since. Over a hundred years of experience in accommodations and restaurant recommendations feature in the address books throughout the guide, where you will find everything from the perfect pane ca’ meusa (toasted roll spread with a meat paste), to frutta martonara (convent sweetmeats named after the convent in Palermo where they originated) and a small pensioni looming out on the blue Mediterranean sea. Major coverage of every vineyard, beach, port, castle, peak, national park, viewpoint, hiking trail, lake, town, hilltop village, monastery, chapel, church and more.