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ISBN 9781906261368 288 с. на английском языке Мягкая обложка Вес: 266 г. Venice is a city where waterfront palaces rub shoulders with modest houses, where housewives sit chatting as they hang their laundry in elegant medieval campos, where sun-bathing is done from your rooftop altana and your bus to work has an outboard engine. Discover an ancient and fiercely independent culture, whose swirling life is echoed in the circling flocks of pigeons of the Piazza San Marco. The Michelin Green Guide is the authority on Venice today and the forces of nature and society that have shaped it. Michelin’s local writers have walked, water taxied, visited, slept, shopped and eaten through every tour, sight, hotel, restaurant, boutique, café and venue in this guide. Where they have stepped, you won’t put a foot wrong. The Green Guide Venice is meticulously updated and beautifully illustrated with full-color photographs, scores of Michelin maps, and insider coverage of shopping, nightlife, accommodations and restaurants. Features Divided by region into Venice, the outlying islands and the Brenta Valley, the guide introduces you to the best of Venice’s six sestieri (Cannaregio, Castello, San Polo, San Marco, Santa Croce, Dorsoduro), the islands of Murano, Torcello and Burano, as well as the patrician villas of the bucolic Brenta. Every campanile, palazzo and church has been assessed using Michelin’s celebrated star-rating system, helping you to make those vital decisions. 20 easy-to-use Michelin maps guide you around the network of canals and bridges, highlighting tour routes and identifying the best sights by star rating. The detailed walking tours make you your own tour guide on the road less traveled. In-depth and authoritative history covers everything from the city-state’s legendary ‘founding’ as described in Homer’s Iliad, to the Battle of Lepanto and modern efforts to save the city from the grasp of the very waters it loves. Features on Venice today delve into the nature of modern Venice, still buzzing with vitality away from the obvious tourist areas, chewing over the day’s events on the benches of Campo San Giacomo dall’Orio. Features on art and culture explore the roots of a city designed to almost float on water and planned around a network of rivers, canals, campos and campanile that chart centuries of architecture from Veneto Byzantine to Neo-Classical, forming an opulent home for a host of masterpieces by artists like Tiepolo, Veronese and the halls where the compositions of musicians like Vivaldi were first aired. Over a hundred years of experience in accommodations and restaurant recommendations feature in address books at the back of the guide, where you will find everything from the perfect fegato alla veneziana (calf’s liver and onions), to evening bellinis (peach and prosecco), and a warm caf& 233; for the cooler months where you can dunk your baìcoli biscuits in hot drinking chocolate. Major coverage of the Accademia, Ca D’Oro, Grand Canal, I Carmini, La Fenice, I Frari, Il Ghetto, Piazza San Marco, Rialto, La Salute, San Giorgio Degli Schiavoni, San Rocco, Burano, Murano, Torcello, the Brenta and more.